Criminal Records Check UK information on CRB and DBS 2013

Criminal Records Check UK applications are required for particular careers or voluntary positions in which the individual is working with vulnerable adults or young people. CRB Disclosure was previously handled by the Criminal Records Bureau but is now overseen by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Employers are usually not permitted to enquire about a job applicants spent convictions, however positions that require a Criminal Records Check allow this to take place due to the nature of the role. An eligibility list is available which covers the majority of positions eligible for CRB Disclosure. Revisions to the system this year also seek to enable CRB online tracking.






Criminal Records Check applicants are provided with a form which they must complete by the employer which is returned along with documentation proving the identity of the applicant. Individuals are not able to perform a background check in the UK for themselves. Three types of checks are available to organisations and they are required to provide the applicant with details on the level of checks needed for the job role or vacancy. The standard check details any reprimands, cautions, spent and unspent convictions as well as any final warnings issued to the applicant. The enhanced check lists all the information provided by a standard check but also covers any extra information that local police holds on the applicant if that information exists and is judged to be relevant to the position applied for. A third check exists which details the information provided by the standard and enhanced checks while also detailing whether the individual has been placed on any barred lists. The time taken for the completion of applications is two to four weeks depending on the type of check required.





CRB tracking is not considered to be enough on its own to ascertain whether an applicant is suitable for a position. Conversely, they should not be used for an organisation to discriminate against an individual. Organisations are expected to judge whether an individual is suitable for a job role by also taking into consideration the applicant’s character and not base this decision solely on the information provided by a background check in the UK. Organisations are expected to follow guidelines and safe practices which ensure a safer environment for employees, volunteers and vulnerable adults and children and young people.

DBS application guidance

The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) is now formally known as the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). We are Pioneers Leading The Way, and we are an umbrella  body for the DBS, meaning we can provide you with DBS checks, for further information on how to do this, please visit our site, we provide both paper based and online based DBS checking services, basic and enhanced.